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Membership Information

Membership dues are not accepted with the application.  Applications are reviewed at the monthly membership meetings and voted on by the chapter.  Approved applicants are then contacted for dues payment.  Members must reapply if they fail to pay their annual dues.  Chapter members can elect to become range members, but range membership is only required if you wish to utilize the pistol & rifle range.

2024 Membership Dues
$70 – Single Membership (with Range Fee, $170.00)
$100 – Family Membership (with Range Fee, $200.00)
$65 – Senior Single Membership (65 or older) (with Range Fee, $165.00)
$90 – Senior Family Membership (65 or older) (with Range Fee, $190.00)
$65 – Single Law Enforcement/Military/Veterans (with Range Fee, $165.00)
$90 – Family Law Enforcement, Military, and Veterans (with Range Fee, $190.00

Apply for Membership
Membership Type
How did you hear about us?
Let us know your talents. Whether you're a handyman or hunter, we want to know what you like and how you can help our chapter.

For additional information and range tour, please contact John Michaels, Membership Officer at 260-438-8704.Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.


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